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What is 'mindfulness' ? 

'Purposefully directing attention without judgement towards the experience that arises moment to moment'                                                     (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Being mindful means to fully focus on the present moment without judging what we find. Only in stillness we learn to tune in to what is happening in body and mind. Mindfulness is NOT Yoga, Buddhism, relaxation or therapy - it is a natural state of awareness.
How does 'mindfulness' work?   

It can be learnt by anyone regardless of religious beliefs, age, gender or cultural background. By purposefully directing our awareness away from our thoughts towards our present experience, we control their effect on our lives and create instead a space of freedom, where calmness and contentment can grow. Mindfulness is a proactive approach to living well and provides us with a way to take better charge of our own lives.

Attending a Mindfulness Course provides you with the 'tools' to reduce stress and difficulties. Learning how the mind works can help you cultivate emotional balance, general well being and happiness. Like a ripple effect this change will also have a positive impact on your relationships with others, but most importantly, on the relationship with your self.

Workshops and the 8 week course will be offered on-line for now, either in a group format or 1-2-1

What people say: 

'Learning that I am not my thoughts has helped me a great deal with my depression and anxiety.  Thank you 

'The workshop made me realise just how busy I have become and how much I have missed. Life has been passing me by! Now I am more aware and content.  I appreciate what I have. Thanks for enlightening me!

'The course helped me address my fears and realise that they are just thoughts and cannot run my life. I gained a sense of freedom from knowing this and am finally more comfortable just being me.'

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