Are you struggling with life's challenges or a specific emotional difficulty?
Then counselling may be for you.
Counselling gives you an opportunity to talk openly about aspects of your life and your feelings.  It can help you understand your situation and support you in making changes in your life. 

The relationship between client and counsellor is the key to helping you discover your strengths and inner resources, therefore enabling you to cope more effectively. 

Inner Focus Counselling can help with

Abuse  ♦ Addiction  ♦ Anger  ♦ Anxiety and panic attacks
Confidence  ♦ Depression  ♦ Domestic violence  ♦ Drug and alcohol misuse 
Low self-esteem  ♦ Loneliness and isolation ♦ Stress
Loss and bereavement  ♦ Mindfulness Training ♦ Postnatal-disorders  
Relationship difficulties ♦ Self-Harm  ♦ Work related issues